Luxurious lying comfort & optimal support in every sleeping position

The Sanamed mattress perfectly follows the body’s contours with its 1000 micro pocket sprung core in 9 comfort zones and offers pleasant support in every sleeping position.

Its finish with top quality visco-elastic memory foam offers optimal pressure reducing lying comfort and heavenly lying comfort in every sleeping position.

The spring core, combined with the 3D ventilation strip, guarantee optimal ventilation and a cooling effect.

From € 1699

Unique ergonomics & strong support

The Sanamed Control is built up from a bultex® mattress core with 9 comfort zones. Extra attention has been devoted to the ergonomics level with the hips and shoulders. Result: pressure reducing foamed micro pocket springs in the shoulder and hip zone.

The Sanamed Control mattress has a unique composition for strong support and is therefore mainly recommended for back sleepers.

The 3D Dry mesh ventilation strip is a guarantee for optimal ventilation and a cooling effect.

The double cloth cover has been richly stitched with high-density visco and Climawatt for extremely pleasant lying comfort.

From € 1699

Ultimately soft & adaptive lying comfort with revolutionary pressure distribution

The Sanamed Perfection 5 stands for a soft but ultimately durable solid core mattress with revolutionary pressure distribution.

Its unique construction with a core of top quality and optimally supporting cold foam, combined with a top layer of fast-reacting visco-elastic gel foam distributed across 7 comfort zones.

Back, tummy or side sleepers, experience the heavenly soft lying comfort with a pressure distribution on every cm of the body.

From € 1499

Innovative micro pocket sprung mattress with revolutionary pressure reducing characteristics

The Sanamed Perfection 6 is the absolute top in pressure distribution and comes highly recommended for people with joint or muscle complaints.

This mattress is made up of a unique asymmetrical core of mini pocket springs and fast-reacting visco gel distributed across 7 comfort zones. Sanamed Perfection 6 offers the perfect support in any sleeping position.

From € 1699

Innovative micro pocket sprung mattress with optimal ventilation and pressure distribution

The optimal ventilation of the Sleepy Ergonomic 7 guarantees the ultimate night’s sleep. Its top layer of high quality and innovative Eucafeel foam is 20 times more breathable than regular HR-foam, which creates a cool and dry sleeping climate.

Just like the Ergonomic 6, the zoned middle layer of mini pocket springs creates a perfectly attuned upward pressure and support.

From € 1499

Superior à la carte sleeping comfort

The Sanamed Sanagel was developed from the proven Sanamed mattress technology. With its core of 1000 micro pocket springs, divided across 9 comfort zones under a layer of top quality bultex®, it perfectly follows the body’s contours and offers excellent support in any sleeping position.

The Sanamed Sanagel includes an interchangeable insider, in other words, an extra 5 cm top layer which can be supplied in 5 different materials, depending on your personal preferences: visco memory foam, visco gel, latex, HR cold foam or HD foam. Can be exchanged for 365 days. This will ensure you have made the right choice.

From € 1749

Sanamed technology translated into ergonomic pillows

Experience the luxurious lying comfort of Sanamed