Sanagel Perfection 6

Innovative micro pocket sprung mattress with revolutionary pressure reducing characteristics

The Sanamed Perfection 6 is made up of a unique asymmetrical core of mini pocket springs and fast-reacting visco gel distributed across 7 comfort zones. Sanamed Perfection 6 offers the perfect support in any sleeping position.

This mattress is the absolute top in pressure distribution and comes highly recommended for people with joint or muscle complaints.

  • Optimal support and pressure reduction in any sleeping position
  • Recommended for joint and muscle complaints
  • 7 comfort zones
  • Top layer of fast-reacting visco gel
  • Micro pocket sprung core
  • Base plate in durable cold foam
70 x 200 cm€1849
80 x 200 cm€1849
90 x 200 cm€1849
100 x 200 cm€2149
140 x 200 cm€2679
160 x 200 cm€2779
180 x 200 cm€2879
200 x 200 cm€3455
Height 24 cm

Sanagel Perfection DuoSplit

“Sleeping apart together”
Sleep undisturbed on your own mattress while maintaining the feeling of a 2-person mattress
additional price € 100

The Sanamed assets


20 year warranty

Sanamed offers a 20 year guarantee as a result of its thorough selection of top quality and durable materials.



The Sanamed mattresses have a permanent antibacterial effect and offer protection against allergens. The optimised ventilation means moulds do not stand a chance.


Removable cover

A healthy sleeping climate is given priority. All Sanamed mattresses are equipped with a removable antibacterial cover, with a view to hygiene and cleanliness.


For every bed base

The Sanamed mattresses can be combined with any type of base: box spring, slatted base, spiral or dish base, both flat and adjustable, with a maximum clearance of 2.5 cm.

Sanamed technology translated into ergonomic pillows

Experience the luxurious lying comfort of Sanamed