Sanamed Sanagel

Superior à la carte sleeping comfort

The Sanamed Sanagel was developed from the proven Sanamed mattress technology. With its core of 1000 micro pocket springs, divided across 9 comfort zones under a layer of top quality bultex®, it perfectly follows the body’s contours and offers excellent support in any sleeping position.

The Sanamed Sanagel includes an interchangeable insider, in other words, an extra 5 cm top layer which can be supplied in 5 different materials, depending on your personal preferences: visco memory foam, visco gel, latex, HR cold foam or HD foam. Can be exchanged for 365 days. This will ensure you have made the right choice.

The removable antibacterial double cloth cover, stitched with ventilating Climawatt, has resulted in extremely pleasant lying comfort.

The sprung core, combined with the 3D ventilation strip, together serve to guarantee an optimal ventilation and cooling effect.

From € 1699

  • Core of 1000 electro-thermally hardened micro pocket springs
  • 9 comfort zones
  • Interchangeable 5 cm top layer, which can be supplied in 5 different materials, depending on your personal preferences:

    Visco memory foam for optimal pressure reduction
     Visco gel for a cooling effect and excellent pressure distribution
    • Latex for flexible and resilient lying comfort with effective pressure distribution
    • HD cold foam for strong support
    • HR cold foam for extra ventilation

70 x 200 cm€1749
80 x 200 cm€1749
90 x 200 cm€1749
100 x 200 cm€2039
140 x 200 cm€2599
160 x 200 cm€2989
180 x 200 cm€3379
Also available in external dimensions
Height 28 cm

The Sanamed assets


20 year warranty

Sanamed offers a 20 year guarantee as a result of its thorough selection of top quality and durable materials.



The Sanamed mattresses have a permanent antibacterial effect and offer protection against allergens. The optimised ventilation means moulds do not stand a chance.


Removable cover

A healthy sleeping climate is given priority. All Sanamed mattresses are equipped with a removable antibacterial cover, with a view to hygiene and cleanliness.


For every bed base

The Sanamed mattresses can be combined with any type of base: box spring, slatted base, spiral or dish base, both flat and adjustable, with a maximum clearance of 2.5 cm.

Sanamed technology translated into ergonomic pillows

Experience the luxurious lying comfort of Sanamed